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  1. Randomised controlled trials are being increasingly used to evaluate new surgical interventions. There are a number of problematic methodological issues specific to surgical trials, the most important being id...

    Authors: Nicholas R Parsons, Yuri Kulikov, Alan Girling and Damian Griffin
    Citation: Trials 2011 12:258
  2. Authors: Bridie Angela Evans, Emma Bedson, Philip Bell, Hayley Hutchings, Lesley Lowes, David Rea, Anne Seagrove, Stefan Siebert, Graham Smith, Helen Snooks, Marie Thomas, Kym Thorne and Ian Russell
    Citation: Trials 2011 12(Suppl 1):A83

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 12 Supplement 1

  3. Authors: Matthew R Sydes, Nicholas D James, Malcolm D Mason, Noel W Clarke, Claire Amos, John Anderson, Johann de Bono, David P Dearnaley, John Dwyer, Gordana Jovic, Alastair Ritchie, Martin Russell, Karen Sanders, George Thalmann and Mahesh KB Parmar
    Citation: Trials 2011 12(Suppl 1):A3

    This article is part of a Supplement: Volume 12 Supplement 1

  4. Respiratory distress syndrome remains a significant problem among premature infants. Mechanical ventilation through an endotracheal tube remains the mainstay of respiratory support but may be associated with l...

    Authors: Suresh Victor
    Citation: Trials 2011 12:257
  5. There is a need for improvement of information provision and post-treatment care for cancer survivors. A Survivorship Care Plan (SCP) is recommended by the American Institute of Medicine and the Dutch Health C...

    Authors: Lonneke V van de Poll-Franse, Kim AH Nicolaije, Maria C Vos, Johanna MA Pijnenborg, Dorry Boll, Olga Husson, Nicole PM Ezendam, Erik A Boss, Ralph HM Hermans, Karin CM Engelhart, Joke E Haartsen, Brenda M Pijlman, Harrie WH Feijen, Helena JMM Mertens, Willem E Nolting, Johannes J van Beek…
    Citation: Trials 2011 12:256
  6. The treatment results of external beam radiotherapy for intermediate and high risk prostate cancer patients are insufficient with five-year biochemical relapse rates of approximately 35%. Several randomized tr...

    Authors: Irene M Lips, Uulke A van der Heide, Karin Haustermans, Emile NJT van Lin, Floris Pos, Stefan PG Franken, Alexis NTJ Kotte, Carla H van Gils and Marco van Vulpen
    Citation: Trials 2011 12:255
  7. There are a number of gaps in the evidence base for the use of ankle-foot orthoses for stroke patients. Three dimensional motion analysis offers an ideal method for objectively obtaining biomechanical gait dat...

    Authors: Bruce Carse, Roy J Bowers, Barry C Meadows and Philip J Rowe
    Citation: Trials 2011 12:254
  8. Reporting of the flow of participants through each stage of a randomized trial is essential to assess the generalisability and validity of its results. We assessed the type and completeness of information repo...

    Authors: Sally Hopewell, Allison Hirst, Gary S Collins, Sue Mallett, Ly-Mee Yu and Douglas G Altman
    Citation: Trials 2011 12:253
  9. Intravenous recombinant tissue plasminogen activator (rtPA) is approved in Europe for use in patients with acute ischaemic stroke who meet strictly defined criteria. IST-3 sought to improve the external validi...

    Authors: Peter Sandercock, Richard Lindley, Joanna Wardlaw, Martin Dennis, Karen Innes, Geoff Cohen, Will Whiteley, David Perry, Vera Soosay, David Buchanan, Graham Venables, Anna Czlonkowska, Adam Kobayashi, Eivind Berge, Karsten Bruins Slot, Veronica Murray…
    Citation: Trials 2011 12:252
  10. Pharmacological intervention is essential for managing the symptoms of Parkinson's disease. Adherence to medication regimens however is a major problem. Poor adherence leads to significant motor deterioration ...

    Authors: David J Daley, Katherine HO Deane, Richard J Gray, Paul F Worth, Allan B Clark, Kanagasabesan Sabanathan, Michael Pfeil and Phyo K Myint
    Citation: Trials 2011 12:251
  11. Parkinson's Disease is a degenerative neurological condition that causes movement problems and other distressing symptoms. People with Parkinson's disease gradually lose their independence and strain is placed...

    Authors: Heather Gage, Sharlene Ting, Peter Williams, Karen Bryan, Julie Kaye, Beverly Castleton, Patrick Trend and Derick Wade
    Citation: Trials 2011 12:250
  12. Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors and the angiotensin-receptor blocker valsartan ameliorate ventricular remodeling after myocardial infarction (MI). Based on previous clinical trials, a maximum clinical...

    Authors: Young-Rak Cho, Young-Dae Kim, Tae-Ho Park, Kyungil Park, Jong-Sung Park, Heekyung Baek, Sun-Young Choi, Kee-Sik Kim, Taek-Jong Hong, Tae-Hyun Yang, Jin-Yong Hwang, Jong-Seon Park, Seung-Ho Hur and Sang-Gon Lee
    Citation: Trials 2011 12:247
  13. Polycystic liver disease (PLD) is defined as having more than 20 liver cysts and can present as a severe and disabling condition. Most symptoms are caused by the mass effect of the liver size and include abdom...

    Authors: Melissa Chrispijn and Joost PH Drenth
    Citation: Trials 2011 12:246
  14. Wound infection affects a considerable portion of patients after abdominal operations, increasing health care costs and postoperative morbidity and affecting quality of life. Antibacterial coating has been sug...

    Authors: Ulrike Heger, Sabine Voss, Phillip Knebel, Colette Doerr-Harim, Jens Neudecker, Christoph Schuhmacher, Eugen Faist, Markus K Diener, Meinhard Kieser, Christoph M Seiler and Markus W Büchler
    Citation: Trials 2011 12:245
  15. Hypertension is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, and the prevalence of hypertension tends to increase with age. Current treatments for hypertension have side effects and poor adherence. Qigong has bee...

    Authors: Ji-Eun Park, Yan Liu, Taeseob Park, Sanghoon Hong, Jung-Eun Kim, Tae-Hun Kim, Ae-Ran Kim, So-Young Jung, Hyoju Park and Sun-Mi Choi
    Citation: Trials 2011 12:244
  16. In coronary artery bypass grafting surgery, arterial conduits are preferred because of more favourable long-term patency and outcome. Anyway the greater saphenous vein continues to be the most commonly used bypas...

    Authors: Antonio Campanella, Laura Bergamasco, Luigia Macri, Sofia Asioli, Roger Devotini, Serenella Scipioni, Silvana Barbaro, Pietro Rispoli and Mauro Rinaldi
    Citation: Trials 2011 12:243
  17. The childhood obesity epidemic is one of the foremost UK health priorities. Childhood obesity tracks into adult life and places individuals at considerable risk for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, liver dise...

    Authors: Deborah Christie, Lee Hudson, Anne Mathiot, Tim J Cole, Saffron Karlsen, Anthony Kessel, Sanjay Kinra, Steve Morris, Irwin Nazareth, Ulla Sovio, Ian CK Wong and Russell M Viner
    Citation: Trials 2011 12:242
  18. Pain is the most common reason that patients present to an emergency department (ED) and is often inadequately managed. Evidence suggests that acupuncture is effective for pain relief, yet it is rarely practic...

    Authors: Marc Cohen, Shefton Parker, David Taylor, De Villiers Smit, Michael Ben-Meir, Peter Cameron and Charlie Xue
    Citation: Trials 2011 12:241

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