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Table 3 Forms and procedures adapted from the SPIRIT 2013 explanation and elaboration: guidance for protocols of clinical trials [11]

From: Rehabilitation for life: the effect on physical function of rehabilitation and care in older adults after hip fracture—study protocol for a cluster-randomised stepped-wedge trial

Time point Post allocation
Activity/assessment Enrolment −t1 Allocation, 0 In-hospital, t1 2 weeks, t2 4 weeks, t3 8 weeks, t3 12 weeks, t4 6 months, t5 12 months, t6 Event
Eligibility screen X          
Informed consent X          
Allocation   X         
Demography    Xa        
TUG    Xa    X X X   
CAS    X   X      
Barthel-20    X    X X X X  
NMS    X    X X X X  
HGS    Xa    X X X X  
30s-CST    Xa    X X X X  
EQ 5D    X    X X X X  
CPF    X    X X X X  
VRS    X X X X X X X  
PAM    Xa    X X X X  
BFI       X X X X  
Care    X X       
Co-morbidity    X        
Bioimpedance    X     X    
Operation    X        
Re-operation           X
Re-admission           X
Mortality           X
  1. Care covers early detection of illness, complications, and pain management, e.g. blood pressure, pulse, respiratory frequency, saturation, consciences, temperature, and saturation
  2. TUG Timed Up and Go, CAS Cumulated Ambulation Score, Barthel-20 Barthel 20-Item Index, NMS New Mobility Score, 30s-CST 30-s Chair Stand Test, EQ 5D EuroQol-5 domain, CPF composite physical function, HGS handgrip strength, VRS Verbal Rating Scale, BFI Brief Fatigue Inventory
  3. a Marked will be measured at discharge