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Table 1 Sites

From: M2HepPrEP: study protocol for a multi-site multi-setting randomized controlled trial of integrated HIV prevention and HCV care for PWID

Sites Miami Montréal
Golden Glades Treatment Center IDEA Programme Relais du CIUSSS Centre-Sud-de-l’Île-de-Montréal Cactus Montréal
Type OAT clinic SSP OAT low threshold clinic SSP
Funding Private Insurance, Medicaid and Self-Pay Private donations Public Public
Physicians on site Yes Weekly On week day No
Specialized in addiction Yes Yes Yes Yes
Number of physicians 2 2 5 0
Number of nurses 7 1 3 0,1
Other resources onsite Counselling, drug testing, HIV prevention OAT, wound care, HIV care Standard and alternative OAT, primary care, provincial medical care card dispensing services, others STI and hepatitis prevention education, telemedicine OAT clinics, HCV testing, sex worker/transgender person support
Clients per year 250 500–700 200–300 500–700