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Table 5 H. pylori status of consented participants

From: Recruitment to a large scale randomised controlled clinical trial in primary care: the Helicobacter Eradication Aspirin Trial (HEAT)

Participant sex Total number of consented participants H.pylori breath test result
Positive Negative Inconclusive1 No result1
Female 8373 1407 (16.8%)2 6822 (81.5%) 46 (0.5%) 98 (1.2%)
Male 21,793 3957 (18.2%)3 17,590 (80.7%) 72 (0.3%) 174 (0.8%)
  1. 1Participants with an inconclusive or missing result after the initial test at consent were sent a repeat test in the post. Not all were returned for analysis and those participants with no recorded breath test result are shown as ‘No result’
  2. Numbers in brackets show the percentage of total consented 2females or 3males respectively for H. pylori status