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Table 2 Baseline values for practice level and clinician level data

From: Improving adherence to acute low back pain guideline recommendations with chiropractors and physiotherapists: the ALIGN cluster randomised controlled trial

  1. sd standard deviation, IQR interquartile range
  2. aLocation of practice (urban/rural) and Professional group (physiotherapist/chiropractor) were the stratification variables
  3. bBulk billing: the total payment for patient’s consultation is paid for by the Medicare system
  4. cThese variables were allowed to vary within practice (10 differences in bulk billing, 6 in compensable patients). Primarily compensable patients refers to whether clinicians answered yes to the question “Do you primarily treat Work Cover (compensable) patients at your practice”
  5. dAs a subset of the chiropractic profession, the comparison group had 3/38 (7%) and the intervention group had 5/34 (13%) Gonstead practitioners (a type of chiropractic practice where clinicians typically use routine X-rays)