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Table 4 Schedule of individual assessments

From: EVITA Dengue: a cluster-randomized controlled trial to EValuate the efficacy of Wolbachia-InfecTed Aedes aegypti mosquitoes in reducing the incidence of Arboviral infection in Brazil

Evaluation Screening
Visit 00
Visit 01
Year 1
Parental contact
Visit 01Pd
Year 2
Visit 02a
Year 2
Time Use Surveyb Parental contact
Visit 02Pd
Year 3
Visit 03a
Year 3
Time Use Surveyb Parental contact
Visit 03Pd
Year 4
Final visit
Visit 04a
Year 4
Study timepoint −60 to 0 prior to visit 01 Sep–Dec
−60 to 0 day(s) prior to visit 02 Jun–Nov
−60 to 0 day(s) prior to visit 03 Jun–Nov
−60 to 0 day(s) prior to visit 04 Jun–Nov
Signed consent formc X          
Minor assent form X          
Eligibility review X   X   X   X
Demographic surveyc X          
Collection of relevant medical conditionsc X          
Assessment of eligibility X X         
Phlebotomy   X   X    X    X
Parental contactd     X    X    X
Knowledge of treatment arm surveyc, e     X    X    X
Time Use Survey      X    X   
  1. aVisit will occur after the peak transmission season (Feb–June)
  2. bVisit will only be completed by a subset of participants enrolled in the Time Use Survey Sub-Study
  3. cTo be completed by the participant’s parent/legal guardian −60 to 0 days prior to the blood draw
  4. dIncludes confirmation of continuing study participation and collection of any significant health updates that would make the participant ineligible for study activities
  5. eTo be completed during parental contact