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Table 3 Quotations illustrating funding-related factors

From: Exploring reasons for recruitment failure in clinical trials: a qualitative study with clinical trial stakeholders in Switzerland, Germany, and Canada

The second problem, I guess, is the amount of funding. If you compare the amount of money investigator initiated trials are funded with as compared to industry initiated trials, there is a big discrepancy with the factor of I guess about ten, although both trials have the same - now - the same bureaucratic machinery to deal with. So this is certainly one risk that - I mean you apply for a fund for a certain budget, say half a million, one million. Then you get funded with one third of it, which then often makes it more difficult to actually complete the trial with a number anticipated which then leads to underpowerment. R3 Clinical trialist
I think another important consideration obviously is always a financial or appropriate staff. So usually physicians are overenthusiastic in doing trials but sometimes they don’t allocate enough human resources in order to do the patient work, the administrative work. And so underfunding is certainly also - plays a role in impeding patient recruitment. R21 Clinical trialist
No. Seriously, we just don’t have enough money. There is very, very little money with XXXX grant. T1 Trial coordinator of a discontinued trial