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Table 1 Description of interviewees

From: Exploring reasons for recruitment failure in clinical trials: a qualitative study with clinical trial stakeholders in Switzerland, Germany, and Canada

Description N
Total number of persons interviewed 49
Trial investigators with experience of recruitment failure in a clinical trial identified in previous research [1] 16
• From Germany 9
• From Switzerland 6
• From Canada 1
Other clinical trial stakeholders from Switzerland 33
• Representatives of international pharmaceutical companies 10
• Clinicians (medical doctors) with experience in clinical trials 8
• Representatives of clinical trial units 6
• Representatives of ethics committees 3
• Representatives of patient organizations (people with lived experience of being a patient and participating in a clinical trial) 2
• Representative of funding agency 1
• Representative of public health authority 1
• Representative of drug regulatory authorities 1
• Representative of cancer research network 1