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Table 1 The four PRISMA-S items essential for adequately reporting searches in bibliographic databases, the most common information source used in systematic reviews

From: Improving peer review of systematic reviews by involving librarians and information specialists: protocol for a randomized controlled trial

PRISMA-S item number Section PRISMA-S item Short explanation
1 Information sources and methods Name each individual database searched, stating the platform for each. Is the database and the associated platform for each listed in the manuscript or supplemental materials? Is it clear exactly which database(s) are searched? If multiple databases are searched on one platform, are all of the databases searched listed?
8 Search strategies Include the search strategies for each database and information source, copied and pasted exactly as run. Are the full, copied and pasted, unadulterated search strategies from each bibliographic database searched available in the manuscript or supplemental materials? If a generic search strategy is included that is for all databases, is it clear that this search strategy could be reproduced in each database?
9 Search strategies Specify that no limits were used, or describe any limits or restrictions applied to a search (e.g., date or time period, language, study design) and provide justification for each use. Does the manuscript text indicate that searches were limited using database limits? Does the manuscript explicitly state that no limits were applied to the search? Does the full search strategy for each database match the text and/or indicate that limits were applied?
13 Search strategies For each search strategy, provide the date when the last search occurred. Does the manuscript or supplemental material explicitly state the date that the last search was executed in each bibliographic database?