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Table 1 List of the ARMEO virtual reality therapy games detailing the upper limb joints, movements, and workspace

From: Recovering arm function in chronic stroke patients using combined anodal HD-tDCS and virtual reality therapy (ReArm): a study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Name of the games Joints Workspace/plane
Elbow ext./flex.a Shoulder ext./flex. Shoulder horiz abd./add.b Hand (grasp)
Windows mopping X X X X 2D/frontal
Reveal panorama X X X X 3D/frontal + horizontal
Egg cracking X X X X 2D/frontal
Fish catching X X X   2D/frontal
Popping air bubbles X X X X 2D/frontal
Snow balls X X    1D/horizontal
Fruit shopping X X X X 2D/frontal
Stove cleaning X X   X 2D/horizontal
Reaction time X X X   2D/frontal
  1. aExtension/flexion
  2. bHorizontal abduction/adduction