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Table 1 Chart of six movement main points

From: The novel effectiveness of Tai Chi on cardiopulmonary fitness among stroke patients in the recovery phase: a study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Number Name Main point Breathing
Form 1 Commencing form Raise palm Inhale
Down push both palms Exhale
Form 2 Wave hands like clouds Back pull on shoulders and elbows Inhale
Palm down Exhale
Form 3 Repulse monkey Turn and hold palm up Inhale
Return to palm and look forward Exhale
Form 4 Part the wild horse’s mane on both side Push palm in bow step Inhale
Exhale and settle palms Exhale
Form 5 Hold the lute Suction drives the shoulder up Inhale
The exhale pulls the shoulders back down Exhale
Form 6 Closing form Raised both arms Inhale
Down push both palms Exhale