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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: 0.9% Sodium chloride solution versus Plasma-Lyte 148 versus compound sodium lacTate solution in children admitted to PICU—a randomized controlled trial (SPLYT-P): study protocol for an intravenous fluid therapy trial

Group Criterion Definition
Inclusion (determined on admission to PICU)
  Age Birth to < 16 years of age
Location Admitted to PICU
Time frame New admission to PICU within the last 24 h and has received IVFT for ≤ 4 h in PICU
Decision—clinician decides that IVFT is required IVFT—all intravenous fluids (boluses and maintenance fluids but not drug dilutions) administered in PICU
Biochemistry Admission sodium > 130 mmol/L (measured on admission or no longer than 48 h before randomization)
  Age ≥ 16 years
Time frame Received IVFT for > 4 h in PICU
Pre-existing conditions - Admitted for a cardiac condition
- Chronic kidney disease
Disease-specific IVFT protocols - Traumatic brain injury or at risk of cerebral oedema
- Burns
- Post-liver transplant
- Post-renal transplant
- Diabetic ketoacidosis
- Oncology patients needing hyperhydration