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Table 2 Fidelity assessment challenges at different stages

From: Fidelity is not easy! Challenges and guidelines for assessing fidelity in complex interventions

  Stage of fidelity assessment challenge:
  Trial planning Trial conduct Post-trial
Fidelity assessment challenge (1) Identification/development of approaches/tools (2) Application of the fidelity approaches (3) Analysis and interpretation of fidelity data
1. Developing succinct tools to measure fidelity
2. Deciding which components of fidelity to emphasize  
3. Unit of analysis considerations in group-level interventions
4. The missing data problem  
5. Responding to, and treating, fidelity ‘failures’ and ‘deviations ‘and a lack of an overall fidelity assessment scheme   
6. Ensuring that fidelity assessment does not threaten internal validity  
  1. challenge felt most strongly, challenge felt somewhat, challenge felt least strongly