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Table 1 Diagnostic, demographic, self-report, behavioral, and neuroimaging assessments

From: Neurocognitive Empowerment for Addiction Treatment (NEAT): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Diagnostic and demographic assessment
 Diagnosis MINI V6.0 [23] or the PRISM-5
 History Assessment of medication history and medication and therapy compliance
Standard self-report scales
 Substance use Obsessive Compulsive Drug Use Scale (OCDUS) [21]
 Substance use Customary Drinking and Drug Use Record (CDDR) [38]
 Substance use Addiction Severity Index (ASI) [39]
 Substance use Desire for Drug Questionnaire (DDQ) [21]
 Substance use PROMIS Alcohol Use [40]
 Substance use PROMIS Nicotine Dependence [41]
 Substance use PROMIS Substance Use Severity [42]
 Mental health PROMIS Adaptive Scales (depression, anxiety, and anger) [43]
 Mental health Traumatic Events Questionnaire (TEQ) [44]
 Mental health Difficulties in Emotion Regulation Scale (DERS) [45]
 Mental health UPPS Impulsive Behavior Scale [46]
 Mental health Behavioral Inhibition System/Behavioral Approach Scale (BIS/BAS) [47]
 Treatment engagement Services Engagement Scale (SES) [2]
 Treatment engagement Client Evaluation of Self and Treatment (CEST) Engagement [48]
 Feasibility/knowledge Credibility/Expectancy Questionnaire (CEQ) [48]
 Feasibility/knowledge Homework Rating Scale (HRS) [49]
 Feasibility/knowledge Working Alliance Inventory (WAI) [50]
 Cognitive functions (subjective) PROMIS Cog Abilities (PROMIS-CA) [22]
 Cognitive functions (subjective) PROMIS Cog General (PROMIS-CG) [22]
Behavioral assessment
 Neuropsychological NIH Toolbox Cognitive Assessment Battery [51]
 Neuropsychological Iowa GamblingTask [52]
 Neuropsychological Delayed Discounting [53]
 Neuropsychological Emotional and Classic Go/NoGoTasks [54]
 Neuropsychological Classic version of the go/no-go task [55]
Neuroimaging assessments
 Neuroimaging T1-W sagittal MP-RAGE
 Neuroimaging fMRI resting state
 Neuroimaging fMRI monetary incentive delay [56]
 Neuroimaging fMRI stop signal [57]
 Neuroimaging fMRI drug cue reactivity [58]
 Neuroimaging T2-W sagittal
 Neuroimaging T2-W axial FLAIR
 Neuroimaging Diffusion tensor imaging
Laboratory assessments
 Substance use Urine drug test
 Biomarker assessment Blood sample test