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Table 4 Timeline of treatment assessments and interventions

From: The effectiveness of a modified Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan formulation (Gynoclear™) for the treatment of endometriosis: a study protocol for a placebo-controlled, double-blind, randomised controlled trial

Procedure Screening (week 0) Baseline (week 4) Phone call (week 6) Midpoint (week 10) End of treatment (week 16) Post-treatment follow-up (week 20)
Informed consent X      
Inclusion and exclusion X      
Medical history X      
Screening blood test: LFT and U&E   X     
Randomisation   X     
Treatment/placebo dispensed   X     
End of treatment blood test: LFT and U&E      X  
Concomitant medication collection   X X X X X
Participants electronically fill out Endometriosis Pain Daily Diary v3 Scores X X X X X X
Quality of life forms (SF-12, EQ-5D, EHP-30)   X     X
Fatigue severity scale (FSS)   X    X  
Participant expectation and satisfaction questionnaire   X    X  
Adverse events    X X X X
Dispense/return study drug   X   X X