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Table 1 Timeline and assessment schedule for the L-ZIP study

From: The Lutein and Zeaxanthin in Pregnancy (L-ZIP) study—carotenoid supplementation during pregnancy: ocular and systemic effects—study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

  Screening/baseline Maternal Supplementation
T1 T2 T3 Birth
Before 14 Wks. GA 22–26 Wks. GA 37–39 Wks. GA 0 to 2 Wks.
Informed consent X    
Randomization X    
Maternal visual acuity and contrast sensitivity X X X X
Maternal nutritional surveys X X X X
Dilated eye examination X X X X
Maternal serum carotenoids X X X X
Maternal macular pigment imaging X X X X
Maternal skin carotenoids X X X X
Dispense prenatal supplement and do pill counts X X X X
Infant cord blood carotenoids     X
Infant macular pigment imaging     X
Infant foveal imaging (SD-OCT)     X
Infant skin carotenoids     X
  1. T1, first trimester; T2, second trimester; T3, third trimester; Wks., weeks; GA, gestational age; SD-OCT, spectral-domain optical coherence tomography