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Table 2 Summary of features of identified software of immediate interest. A checkmark represents an available feature, a checkmark in parentheses represents a partly available feature, a wave stands for a feature for which it is foreseen that the user includes it by writing additional code and an x represents an unavailable feature. Software is grouped into standalone software, packages for R and Stata and online trial simulators. MD Anderson is the abbreviation of Integrated Platform for Designing Clinical Trials

From: Systematic review of available software for multi-arm multi-stage and platform clinical trial design

Feature Description FACTS ADDPLAN EAST OCTOPUS nstage MAMS asd HECT MD Anderson
Flexibility arms Options regarding the number of treatment arms at the start of the trial
Staggered entry Options regarding the staggered entry of treatments over time, such as pre-planned, randomly, replacing treatments, ... x x x x x x x (✔)
Endpoints Choice, e.g., binary, continuous, time-to-event x
Surrogate endpoint Option to use different endpoint at interim (✔) x x
Interims Options regarding the number and timing of interim analyses x
Enrichment/seamless Dedicated options for treatment selection or enrichment at interim x x x x
Bayesian Bayesian decision rules x x x x x
Frequentist Frequentist decision rules x x
Flexibility data sharing Advanced options for data sharing, such as sharing control data, sharing only concurrent control data, dynamic borrowing, etc. x x x (✔) x x x x x
Multiplicity correction Options for multiplicity correction, e.g., control of FWER, FDR, ... x (✔) x x
Flexibility allocation ratio Options regarding the allocation ratio of patients to the arms (✔) (✔) x (✔)
RAR Response-adaptive randomization x x x x x
Flexibility cohort structure Options for designing exact cohort structure to enter/leave platform, e.g., always control and two experimentals, ... x x x x x x x x x
Flexibility recruitment rate Options regarding the recruitment rate of patients to the trial (✔) x x x x
Comparison classical development program Built-in options regarding the comparison with more classical designs x x x x x x x (✔) x
GUI Graphical user interface x x x
Commercial Software is commercial x x x x x x
Open Source Open source code available x x x x