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Table 2 SPIRIT study schedule

From: Community intervention for child tuberculosis active contact investigation and management: study protocol for a parallel cluster randomized controlled trial

  Baseline phase Intervention phase Evaluation phase
  Allocation* Site assessment** Enrolment of index cases Enrolment of contact cases Follow-up End of study  
Timepoint    -2 W 0 W1 W2 W4 W8 W12*** W24  
Eligibility screen    X X        
Informed consent    X X        
Allocation X           
Facility-based arm    X X    X X X X  
Community-based arm    X X X X X X X X  
Qualitative assessment   X          X
CEA      X   
Identification of contact children    X         
Children started on TPT     X        
Children completed TPT          X X  
Acceptability of the intervention   X          X
TPT cost      X   
  1. Abbreviations: W week, CEA cost-effectiveness analysis, TPT TB preventive therapy
  2. *Allocation takes place before the intervention begins as the clusters are randomized and not the individuals
  3. **The baseline phase takes place 3 months before the intervention phase
  4. ***Children started on 6 months of isoniazid have 2 additional follow-up visits at week 16 and week 20