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Table 1 Information requirements to mitigate typical trial recruitment problems

From: Concept and development of an interactive tool for trial recruitment planning and management

Phase Problem Desirable information requirements for decision-making
Planning Overestimation of the number of potential participants who meet the criteria and would be willing to participate in trial • No existing information available
Underestimation of the time it takes recruit the required sample size • Expected trial and site recruitment duration
• Information on how expected trial duration changes when trial parameters are changed
Not taking variability into account when predicting recruitment duration
Overestimation of the recruitment rate • No existing information available
Recruitment Latest recruitment information not available to decision makers • Current recruitment progress for the trial
• Expected end-date of trial recruitment
• Current recruitment progress for the site
• Expected remaining recruitment duration
• Information on potential problematic sites
• Information on how expected site duration changes when site parameters are changed
Recruitment information is not presented in a manner that allows necessary decisions to be made