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Table 1 Characteristics of orthopedic insoles and shoe soles of novel diabetic therapeutic footwear

From: Effects of novel diabetic therapeutic footwear on preventing ulcer recurrence in patients with a history of diabetic foot ulceration: study protocol for an open-label, randomized, controlled trial

Orthopedic insoles
 Rigidity 38 shore C hardness
 Material Polyurethane
 Thickness of forefoot area 6 mm
 Thickness of medial arch areas 12 mm
 Thickness of lateral arch areas 8 mm
 Thickness of heel area 6 mm
Shoe soles
 Thickness of forefoot area 12 mm
 Heel height 23 mm
  Rigidity 60 ± 3 shore C hardness
  Material Polyurethane
  Specific gravity 0.9
  Rigidity 60 ± 3 shore A hardness
  Material Rubber
  Specific gravity 1.1
  Thickness 4 mm
  Depth of non-slip pattern 2.5 mm
  Abrasion resistance 295 NBS
  Tension resistance 142 kg/cm