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Table 2 ‘Traffic light’ criteria to assess progression to a full trial

From: Serial prophylactic exchange blood transfusion in pregnant women with sickle cell disease (TAPS-2): study protocol for a randomised controlled feasibility trial

 Recruitment rate of eligible participants (measuring reach, acceptability)Frequency of SPEBT (measuring dose, acceptability)Retention until 6 weeks post-delivery (measuring acceptability)Findings from qualitative study and acceptability
Green≥ 50%≥ 75%, three or more≥ 80%Progress but will use findings from qualitative study to inform and improve definitive RCT
Yellow30–50%50–75%, three or more50–80%Use findings from qualitative study to inform progressing to definitive study depending on guidance from trial steering committee, Sickle Cell Society, PPI group and key stakeholders
Red< 30%< 50%, three or more< 50%Will not progress