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Table 2 Assessments that will be carried out in the study and data collection time points (baseline, 3 months, and 6 months)

From: Lifestyle changes and glycemic control in type 1 diabetes mellitus: a trial protocol with factorial design approach



Measurement tools/questions


3 month

6 month

Socio-demographic measures


Age, Sex, Weight, Height, Marital Status, Education, Occupation and Parents Education, Occupation and Family history of diabetes


Health Related Information


History of Diabetes and History if comorbidities


Episodes of complications, any hospital admission, Frequency of self-monitoring of blood glucose, frequency of maintaining log book

Behavioral Measure


Frequency of visit to diabetic clinic, frequency of visit to dietitian

Daily Physical activity of 1 week

Questionnaire adapted from IPAQ and YPAQ

Barriers to physical activity

Questionnaire adapted from IPAQ and YPAQ

Dietary Intake

Self-Reported 24- Hour Dietary Recall Questionnaire

Biochemical measures