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Table 2 Overview of measures and corresponding measurement time points

From: A mindfulness-based intervention for breast cancer patients with cognitive impairment after chemotherapy: study protocol of a three-group randomized controlled trial

Measure Target concept T0 T1 T2
Retrospective questionnaires
 CFQ Subjective measure of cognitive functioning x x x
 DASS Emotional distress x x x
 CIS – subscale severity Fatigue severity x x x
 CHIME Mindfulness skills x x x
Neurocognitive testing
 Bourdon-Wiersma Dot Cancellation Test Attention and concentration x x x
 Auditory Verbal Learning Test Memory x x x
 WAIS III forward digit span Memory x x x
 WAIS III backwards digit span Executive functioning    
 WAIS III letter-number sequencing Executive functioning x x x
 Stroop Color Word Test Executive functioning x x x
 Controlled Oral Word Association Test Executive functioning x x x
 WAIS digit symbol-coding Cognitive/psychomotor processing speed x x x
 9HPT Cognitive/psychomotor processing speed x x x
 TMT – Form A Cognitive/psychomotor processing speed x x x
 TMT – Form B Attention and concentration/executive functioning    
 DART Verbal IQ x x x
Brain imaging
 High-resolution, T1-weighted imaging Brain structure x x x
 Active fMRI during N-back task Brain activation during N-back task x x x
 Resting-state fMRI Brain connectivity x x x
 Diffusion MRI White matter microstructure x x x
Biomarkers of inflammation
 IL-1, IL-6 and TNF-α Inflammatory process x x x
  1. Abbreviations: T0 baseline, T1 1–3 weeks post intervention, T2 3 months post intervention, 9HPT Nine-hole Peg Test, CFQ Cognitive Failure Questionnaire, CHIME Comprehensive Inventory of Mindfulness Experiences, CIS Checklist Individual Strength, DART Dutch Adult Reading Test, DASS Depression, Anxiety, Stress Scales, fMRI functional magnetic resonance imaging, IL interleukin, MRI magnetic resonance imaging, TMT Trail Making Test, TNF tumor necrosis factor, WAIS Wechsler Adult Intelligence Test