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Table 2 Measures

From: Protocol for a randomized control trial of the caregiver support intervention with Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Primary outcome
 ParentingSubscale of new parenting measure24
Secondary outcomes
 Parental warmth and sensitivitySubscale of new parenting measure14
 Harsh parentingSubscale of new parenting measure5
 Parenting knowledgeSubscale of new parenting measure15
 Child psychosocial wellbeingKid and Kiddy KIndl-Parent report24
 Caregiver distressK1010
 Caregiver stressNew measure developed for this study8
 Caregiver psychosocial wellbeingWarwick Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale14
 Caregiver stress managementNew measure developed for this study10
Exploratory outcome
 Infant/toddler mental health and socioemotional developmentCREDI*20
  1. * The CREDI will be used with families with a child aged 0–3 years