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Table 3 Empirical type 1 error (size) of the nine tests in 60,000 simulated samples for low and high event rates

From: A simulation study comparing the power of nine tests of the treatment effect in randomized controlled trials with a time-to-event outcome

TestAbbrev.Low event rateHigh event rate
  Size (%)95% CISize (%)95% CI
Logrank (early)LRE5.0(4.8,5.2)5.1(5.0,5.3)
Logrank (late)LRL4.9(4.7,5.1)5.3(5.1,5.4)
Supremum logrankSupLR4.5(4.4,4.7)4.6(4.5,4.8)
Weighted combinedWC4.8(4.6,5.0)5.4(5.2,5.6)
Versatile WLRVWLR5.0(4.8,5.2)5.2(5.0,5.4)
Versatile WLR (modified)VWLR25.1(4.8,5.1)5.2(5.0,5.4)