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Table 6 Resource Satisfaction Questionnaire free-text suggestions for improvement

From: Bronchiectasis Information and Education: a randomised, controlled feasibility trial

  Problems or suggestions
Regarding the use of video Would like more case studies
A patient sharing how to use the nebuliser would be more helpful than a technician showing how it works.
More patient stories
Regarding the website Problems getting on to Internet site
Unable to access website
When scrolling down things disappeared but did come back.
Login email + password could be clearer
Patient unable to access website due to invalid password
Advice sought from research staff
Could not access web on my computer
Could not get on website: password
General overall views I have not used the information provided due to hospital stay and work commitments.
I find that now the information has stopped for me. I.e., there is nothing new to read about.
Regarding use by family Family members not interested, just want me well, quite embarrassed about emotion and keep quiet about my condition.