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Table 2 Details of rESWT intervention

From: Instant analgesic effect of radial extracorporeal shock wave therapy on primary dysmenorrhoea according to functional magnetic resonance imaging: study protocol for a randomised placebo-controlled trial

rESWT rationaleType of shock wavePneumatic ballistic extracorporeal shock wave therapy
Reasoning for treatmentThe best treatment option was selected according to our previous study results and other clinical trials of rESWT for primary dysmenorrhoea
Extent to which treatment variesNone
Details of rESWTNumber of treatment sites per subject6
Names of points usedAttachment point of rectus abdominis above the symphysis pubis (bilateral) (blue dot in Fig. 3)
Intersection of the anterior superior iliac spine with the outer margin of the rectus abdominis (bilateral) (yellow dot in Fig. 3)
The anterior superior iliac spine shifts inward by approximately 2 cm along the line (bilateral) (location of the red dot in Fig. 3)
Shock wave intensity1.5–2.0 bar
Shock wave frequency10–14 Hz
Number of hits from each site600 times
Response soughtNone
Treatment regimenNumber of treatment sessions1 time
Treatment timeWithin 48 h of menstruating
Other components of treatmentDetails of other interventions administered to the rESWT groupNone
Setting and context of the treatmentHospital rehabilitation section, outpatient department
Background of practitionerProfile of the therapistSpecialist in rehabilitation medicine or a resident of more than 1 year under the guidance of the specialist in rehabilitation medicine
Control or comparatorRationale for the control or comparator in the context of the research questionAs a placebo control, a non-energetic sham rESWT was used