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Table 1 Eligibility criteria

From: Efficacy of simultaneous aerobic exercise and cognitive training in subjective cognitive decline: study protocol for randomized controlled trial of the Exergames Study

Inclusionary criteria Exclusionary criteria
a) Subjective Cognitive Decline (SCD: defines as answering yes to the question’s “Do you perceive memory or cognitive difficulties?” and “In the last two years, has your cognition or memory declined”)
b) Not engaging in aerobic exercise or cognitive training > 2 days/week, 30 min a session for the past 3 months
c) Age 65 years and older
d) Ability to provide written consent
e) English speaking
a) Resting heart rate > 100 or < 50 beats/min with symptoms
b) Dementia or mild cognitive impairment (self-report, diagnosis, or scoring < 26 on the TICS
c) Neurological or major psychiatric disorder likely causing SCD
d) Alcohol or chemical dependency that likely is causing SCD
e) Current enrollment in another intervention study
f) ACSM contraindications to exercise or other factors that make exercise impossible or unsafe
g) Inability to read due to illiteracy or poor eyesight
  1. ACSM American College of Sports Medicine, TICS Telephone Instrument for Cognitive Status