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Table 1 Summary of data sources

From: Explaining the mixed findings of a randomised controlled trial of telehealth with centralised remote support for heart failure: multi-site qualitative study using the NASSS framework

  Site A Site B Site C Site D Site E Site F Site G Total
SUPPORT-HF2 staff interviews 11: consultant cardiologist/CI, trial manager, lead research nurse, 6 community HFSNs, bio-engineer, GP 3: consultant cardiologist/PI, 2 research nurses 4: research nurse, 3 HFSNs (1 hospital, 2 communities) 1: research practitioner 2: consultant cardiologist/PI, research administrator 1: hospital HFSN 1: consultant cardiologist/CI 23
SUPPORT-HF2 patient interviews 4 (including 1 spouse)   5 (including 1 spouse) 4 3 0 5 21
SUPPORT-HF2 patient discussion group   7 (6 patients, 1 spouse)       7
Documents SUPPORT-HF2 study protocol
Minutes of 5 meetings during the study set-up phase
Minutes of a significant event review meeting (exploring the relationship between SUPPORT-HF2-driven drug up-titration and subsequent hospital admission)
Approximately 50 email exchanges between site staff and researchers
Approximately 10 emails between lead study nurse and researchers
Approx. 110 pages
Total Directly involved in the trial: 25 patients, 3 spouses, 4 consultant cardiologists who were also local principal investigators, 10 heart failure specialist nurses, 4 research nurses, 1 trial manager, 1 bioengineer, 1 research practitioner, 1 research administrator 51 people