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Table 6 Summary of recommendations

From: Process evaluation within pragmatic randomised controlled trials: what is it, why is it done, and can we find it?—a systematic review

Recommendations for process evaluation design • Consider the identified potential values of process evaluation within pragmatic RCTs and how these may be realised and articulated to stakeholders
• We encourage debate about the meaning of the label ‘process evaluation’ and how it may be more consistently applied
Recommendations for process evaluation conduct • Consider the identified barriers and facilitators and how to address these when conducting process evaluations in health services settings
Recommendations for process evaluation dissemination • Ensure process evaluation publications are included in the trial registry entry
• Ensure process evaluations are mentioned in journal articles reporting the parent trial, and consider adding this item to relevant CONSORT checklists
• Ensure process evaluation publications name or refer to the parent trial in the title or abstract
• Publish strategies for conducting successful process evaluations and addressing challenges in health services settings, such as to recruiting process evaluation participants and collecting data