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Table 2 Schedule of data collection during the MA&R study period

From: Meaningful Activities and Recovery (MA&R): the effect of a novel rehabilitation intervention among persons with psychiatric disabilities on activity engagement—study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Time point Enrolment Baseline Randomization Intervention period Eight months follow-up
Eligibility screening x     
Informed consent x     
Allocation    x   
Register sheets for attendance in MA&R      
Self-assessment data
 - POES-S   x    x
 - WHODAS 2.0   x    x
 - QPR   x    x
 - MANSA   x    x
 - Euro-QoL   x    x
 - CGI-S   x    x
CRF including MINI ICF Social Functioning Scale   x    
Registry data      x
  1. CRF case report form