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Table 1 Schedule of assessments

From: INdividual Vocational and Educational Support Trial (INVEST) for young people with borderline personality disorder: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

  Screening Time point (weeks)
Baseline (0) 13 26 39 52
Demographics X   X X X X
RUQ briefer baseline economic evaluation   X     
RUQ full-version    X X X X
SCID-5 RV module A X     X X
SCID-5-RV modules B, C, D, F, G, I, K, L   X    X X
SCID-5 PD BPD module X      
SCID-5-PD other modules   X     
SRASBM   X     
AQoL-8D   X X X X X
BSL-23   X X X X X
PID-5 brief version   X   X   X
SDS   X   X   X
CEF   X X X   
MFDU   X   X   X
SMU    X    
  1. AQoL-8D Assessment of Quality of Life, BPDSI-IV Borderline Personality Disorder Severity Index, BSL-23 Borderline Symptom List-23, CEF Comprehensive Evaluation of Functioning, MFDU Monitoring the Future Drug Use, PID-5 Personality Inventory for DSM-5 brief form, RUQ Resource Use Questionnaire, SCID 5-PD Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-5 Personality Disorders, SCID 5-RV Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-5 Research Version, SDS Sheehan Disability Scale, SMU Social Media Use Questionnaire, SRASBM Self-Report of Aggression and Social Behaviour Measure