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Table 1 Measurement items and point of data capture

From: Timing of antiretroviral therapy for HIV-infected patients with moderate to severe Pneumocystis pneumonia: study protocol for a multi-centre prospective randomised controlled trial

 Visit 1Visit 2Visit 3Visit 4Visit 5Visit 6Visit 7
BaselineWeek 4Week 8Week 12Week 24Week 36Week 48
Signed consent×      
Signs and symptoms×××××××
Haematological analysis×××××××
Clinical chemistry studies×××××××
Serum amylase levels×      
Myocardial enzymes×      
Blood gas analysis×      
Urine pregnancy test×      
Lymphocyte subset××××× ×
Quantitative plasma HIV-1 RNA×   × ×
Chest CT/X-ray×××××××
IRIS ××××××
Drug combination×××××××
Adverse events ××××××
  1. Abbreviations: CT computed tomography, HIV-1 human immunodeficiency virus 1, IRIS immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome