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Table 2 Study schedule

From: Does internal limiting membrane peeling during epiretinal membrane surgery induce microscotomas on microperimetry? Study protocol for PEELING, a randomized controlled clinical trial

ActionsInclusion visit D-90 and D-7D0 (Surgery)M1 (30days±7days starting D0)M6 (6 months ± 15 days starting D0)M12 (12 months ± 15 days starting D0)
End of study
Patient informationX    
Informed consentX    
History (medications taken…)X    
Randomization X   
Surgery X   
ETDRS visual acuity score and near vision (Parinaud)X XXX
Evaluation of the appearance of the lens at the slit lampX    
Biomicroscopic examination of the anterior segmentX XXX
FundusX XXX
OCT/SLO: microperimetryX XXX
Retinal photographyX XXX
“Patient discomfort” questionnaireX XXX
Adverse events XXXX
2 Photographs X   
Video X