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Table 3 Online questions used to establish eligibility and log information about recruitment

From: Impact of receiving recorded mental health recovery narratives on quality of life in people experiencing psychosis, people experiencing other mental health problems and for informal carers: Narrative Experiences Online (NEON) study protocol for three randomised controlled trials

Question Eligibility decision and next question
Q1: How did you find out about the NEON trials? [Through my family doctor or GP surgery, Through a hospital or mental health service, Other] Through a hospital or mental health service: go to Q2
All other options: go to Q3
Q2: Was this through any of the following trusts? [List of current secondary care research sites, None of these] Go to Q3
Q3: Are you 18 or over today, and normally resident in England? [Yes/No] Yes: go to question Q4
No: not eligible for any trial
Q4: Can you understand written and spoken English? Yes: go to Q5
No: not eligible for any trial
Q5: Within the last 6 months, have you had mental health problems that:
a. Make it hard to manage the day-to-day demands of life? (No, A bit, Yes)
b. Currently cause you emotional distress? (No, A bit, Yes)
c. Cause you social problems like loneliness? (No, A bit, Yes)
No to all subquestions: go to Q7
Otherwise: go to Q6
Q6: In the last 5 years have you had experiences diagnosed as psychosis, or that you or others would call psychosis (such as seeing or hearing things that others have not, or having unusual beliefs that other people disagree with)? [Yes/No] Yes: eligible for NEON Trial
No: eligible for the NEON-O trial
Q7: Within the last 5 years, have you cared for someone with experience of mental health problems? Yes: go to Q8
No: not eligible for any trial
Q8: Was this as part of your employment or profession? Yes: not eligible for any trial
No: eligible for the NEON-C trial