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Table 4 Analysis of qualitative patient experience interviews (questions 6–10, intervention group only)

From: Implementing self-management: a mixed methods study of women’s experiences of a postpartum hypertension intervention (SNAP-HT)

 4 weeks
Mean (SD)
6 months
Mean (SD)
Number of responses3434
The materials that you are using as part of the self-management: how well do you think they fit with managing your condition?a4.8 (0.4)4.8 (0.5)
How easy or difficult are you finding the self-management materials to operate?b4.9 (0.3)4.9 (0.4)
Have you seen a change in your lifestyle for better or for worse since starting self-management?c4.1 (0.9)4.4 (0.9)
How likely are you to recommend the self-management of gestational hypertension/pre-eclampsia to friends, family and other people?d4.9 (0.3)4.9 (0.4)
How likely are you to use self-management approaches to manage medical conditions in the future?e4.8 (0.6)4.9 (0.4)
  1. SD standard deviation
  2. aScale: 1 (do not fit with managing my condition) – 5 (fit very well with managing my condition)
  3. bScale: 1 (very difficult to operate) – 5 (very easy to operate)
  4. cScale: 1 (change in lifestyle for worse) – 5 (change in lifestyle for better)
  5. dScale: 1 (not likely) – 5 (very likely)
  6. eScale: 1 (not likely) – 5 (very likely)