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Table 1 Components of each shortening strategy and cost differences compared with standard 12-week treatment

From: The design and statistical aspects of VIETNARMS: a strategic post-licensing trial of multiple oral direct-acting antiviral hepatitis C treatment strategies in Vietnam

Shortening strategy Resource use of providing treatment Difference in cost compared with standard 12-week treatment
Mean weeks of DAA Number of PEG-IFN injections Number of visits required Number of VL tests
Standard 12-week treatment 12 0 3a 1a
PEG-IFN + DAA (4 weeks’ treatment, weekly PEG-IFN) 4 4 6 1 -8x(weekly drug cost) + 4x(interferon cost) + 3x(visit cost)
Response-guided therapy (4, 8, or 12 weeks’ treatment) 9.6b 0 4 2 −3.4x(weekly drug cost) + 1x(visit cost) +1x(VL cost)
Induction/maintenance (7 days/week for 2 weeks, then 5 days/week) 9.14 0 4c 1 −3.86x(weekly drug cost) + 1x(visit cost)
  1. Abbreviations: DAA direct-acting antiviral, PEG-IFN pegylated-interferon, VL viral load.
  2. a Assuming minimum visits at treatment initiation, end of treatment, end of treatment plus 12 weeks (where VL is done once to assess cure)
  3. b Assuming 1:3:1 receiving 4:8:12 weeks of treatment. One extra visit and VL at day 7 to assess initial VL response
  4. c Assuming one extra visit at week 2 when move from induction to maintenance phase