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Table 1 Modified Vesikari Scale scorea

From: Multi-dose Oral Ondansetron for Pediatric Gastroenteritis: study Protocol for the multi-DOSE oral ondansetron for pediatric Acute GastroEnteritis (DOSE-AGE) pragmatic randomized controlled trial

Scale component Score
0 Points 1 Point 2 Points 3 Points
Diarrhea duration (h) 0 <96 96 to <120 ≥120
Maximum number of watery stools/24-h period 0 1–3 4–5 ≥6
Vomiting duration (h) 0 <24 24 to <48 ≥48
Maximum number of vomiting episodes/24-h period 0 1 2–4 ≥5
Maximum recorded rectal temperature (°C)b <37.0 37.0 to <38.5 38.5 to <39.0 ≥39.0
Unscheduled health care visit None NA Primary care Emergency department
Treatment None Rehydration with intravenous fluids Hospitalization NA
  1. NA not applicable
  2. aIn the Modified Vesikari Scale score, one variable (percent dehydration) in the original score was replaced with the variable of unscheduled health care visits to better measure the effect of acute gastroenteritis in outpatients given that the ability to perform frequent in-person assessments in an outpatient cohort of children can be challenging; scores range from 0 to 20, with higher scores indicating more severe disease; children with a score of 9 or more were considered to have moderate-to-severe gastroenteritis [16, 17]
  3. bTemperatures are adjusted for the location of measurement: 1.1°C was added to axillary temperatures and 0.6°C was added to oral temperatures [18]