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Table 2 Intervention components and relationship to BP

From: Reach out behavioral intervention for hypertension initiated in the emergency department connecting multiple health systems: study protocol for a randomized control trial

TextsComparison levelsTailoring variablesMechanism for BP reduction
Healthy behavior textDaily vs. none-No-Decrease salt intake
-Increase physical activity
-Increase fruit and vegetable intake
-Medical provider
-BP medication
-Discuss with provider
-Increase medication adherence
Prompted BP self-monitoring frequencyDaily vs. weekly-BP change (most recent self-reported BP)
-BP control
-Participant activation
-Participant autonomy
-Participant competence
Facilitated Primary Care appointment scheduling and transportationYes vs. none-Medical provider
-BP control
-Improve access to medical care
-Opportunities for medication optimization
  1. BP blood pressure