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Table 1. Data collection summary

From: REDUCE (Reviewing long-term antidepressant use by careful monitoring in everyday practice) internet and telephone support to people coming off long-term antidepressants: protocol for a randomised controlled trial

MeasureBaseline (face to face)3 months (postal or online)6 months (face to face)9 months (postal or online)12 months (face to face)
Sociodemographics and past history of depression questionnaire    
Depression (PHQ-9)
Anxiety (GAD-7)
Suicidal ideas
Discontinuation of antidepressants (for at least 2 months, by 6 months)    
Quality of life (EQ-5D-5L, SF-12)
Wellbeing (WEMWBS)  
Withdrawal symptoms (DESS)  
Antidepressant side effects (ASEC, CSFQ-C) (if taken)  
Satisfaction (MISS-29)   
Enablement (PEI)   
Questionnaires on use of services, use of antidepressants and sickness absence  
Beliefs about antidepressants questionnaire  
Collective efficacy questionnaire    
  1. ASEC antidepressant side-effects check-list, CSFQ-C Changes in Sexual Functioning Questionnaire, DESS Discontinuation Emergent Signs and Symptoms, EQ-5D-5L EuroQol five dimensions with five levels, GAD-7 seven-item Generalised Anxiety Disorder, MISS-29 29-item Medical Informant Satisfaction Scale, PEI Patient Enablement Instrument, PHQ-9 nine-item Patient Health Questionnaire, SF-12 12-item Short Form, WEMWBS Warwick–Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale