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Table 2 Schedule of prednisone dose tapering for patients already on prednisone at the time of enrollment. The maximum dose allowed at day 1 of the study is 40 mg/day; the dose of prednisone must be reduced to 40 mg/day prior to enrollment

From: Protocol for a randomized multicenter study for isolated skin vasculitis (ARAMIS) comparing the efficacy of three drugs: azathioprine, colchicine, and dapsone

Time point from enrollment Starting (study day 1) dose mg/day
≥ 30< 30 to 15< 15 to 5< 5 to 1
Days 2–730Continue doseContinue doseContinue dose
Days 8–14201510 (or continue dose if < 10)2.5 (or continue dose if < 2.5)
Days 15–2115107.5 (or continue dose if < 7.5)2.5 (or continue dose if < 2.5)
Days 22–28107.551
Days 29–347.552.50
Days 35–4052.510
Days 41–482.5100
Day 490000
  1. Patients on long-term, low, and stable doses of glucocorticoids (≤ 5 mg/day prednisone or equivalent) for other conditions (e.g., asthma or adrenal insufficiency) can be enrolled if the likelihood of requiring a dose increase for the other condition is low and minimal during the 6-month study period (these patients will remain on the low and stable dose during the study period, with the option to receive one short course of prednisone at higher doses for skin vasculitis flare during the first 10 weeks of the study period