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Table 1 Schedule of trial enrollment, interventions, and assessments

From: Opposing needling for analgesia and rehabilitation after unilateral total knee arthroplasty: a randomized, sham-controlled trial protocol

Items Enrollment (pre-operative) Allocation (baseline) Treatment (post-operative) Follow-up
Time point (hour/day) -1 -1 6 h 1d 2d 3d 5d 7d 10d
Treatment sessions (n)   1 2 3    
Informed consent         
Assessment of eligibility         
VAS (resting)  
VAS (active)   
Additional dose released by PCA pump         
HSS score       
HAMA score       
Discomfort and acceptance of EA       
Assessment of blinding method         
Postoperative complications and adverse events       
  1. VAS Visual Analogue Score, PCA patient controlled analgesia, HSS hospital for special surgery, HAMA Hamilton Anxiety Scale, COK circumference of knee, AROM active range of motion, PROM passive range of motion