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Table 2 Data collection scheme

From: Goal-Focused Emotion-Regulation Therapy (GET) for young adult survivors of testicular cancer: a pilot randomized controlled trial of a biobehavioral intervention protocol

  Enrollment Assessment Close-out
Timepoint Pre T0 T0 Post baseline T1 T2 Post T2 Chart review
 Eligibility screen X       
 Informed consent X       
 Allocation    X     
 Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS)   X   X X   
 Goal Navigation (CAYA-T)   X   X X   
 Emotion Regulation Questionnaire (ERQ)   X   X X   
 Career Thoughts Inventory (CTI)   X   X X   
 Blood draw   X   X    
 At-home saliva sampling   X   X    
 Demographics   X      
 Semi-structured interview       X  
 Medical chart review        X
  1. CAYAQ-T Cancer Assessment for Young Adults—Testicular, GET Goal-Focused Emotion-Regulation Therapy, ISP Individual Supportive Psychotherapy, T0 baseline, T1 post Intervention, T2 12-week follow-up