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Table 1 Stakeholders for qualitative interviews

From: Using digital tools in the recruitment and retention in randomised controlled trials: survey of UK Clinical Trial Units and a qualitative study

Stakeholder groups
(number of participants)
Example of the type of roles heldEligibility criteria
(involvement in one or more of)
Trialists in CTUs (n = 3) in primary/secondary careTrialists and recruitersTrial recruitment
Management of trials (CTU staff)
Research practitioners in primary care (n = 3)Principal InvestigatorsLeading funding applications
Research funding bodies (n = 3)Funding committee members / CharitiesContribute to decision-making of funding allocation from charities or NIHR
Ethics committees and Health Research Authority (n = 3)Ethics committee membersContribute to decision-making on research ethics
Research participant/patient representatives (n = 4)Research participant representativesExperience of participating in trials
  1. CTU Clinical Trials Unit, NIHR National Institute for Health Research