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Table 1 Overview of the different recruitment strategies

From: Efficacy and cost-utility of the eHealth self-management application 'Oncokompas', helping partners of patients with incurable cancer to identify their unmet supportive care needs and to take actions to meet their needs: a study protocol of a randomized controlled trial

Recruitment strategy Recruitment channel
Recruitment through (online) recruitment materials Online:
• Online advertising on websites and online newsletters
• Social
• Advertisements in newspapers and magazines
• Leaflets and posters in offices of healthcare professionals
Recruitment through:
• Relevant organizations targeting informal caregivers or relatives of (cancer) patients
• Cancer patient organizations
• Walk-in consultation services
• Hospitals
• Psycho-oncological care centers
Recruitment through a healthcare professional • Healthcare professionals (e.g. psychologists, rehabilitation centers, general practitioners, physiotherapists, nurse practitioners)
Recruitment through face-to-face contact with the researcher • Events targeting partners of patients with incurable cancer