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Table 1 Account of errors observed in 22 foreign trials

From: Letter on: “An analysis of deficiencies in the data of interventional drug trials registered with Clinical Trials Registry – India”

CTRI numberError account
CTRI/2011/07/001877CTRI oversight
CTRI/2007/091/000042*India removed post-registration
CTRI/2012/02/002443Terminated trial in India
CTRI/2009/091/000240*India removed post-registration
CTRI/2011/10/002050Terminated trial in India
CTRI/2011/07/001898Request sent twice prior to registration but not heeded
CTRI/2011/07/001867*India removed post-registration
CTRI/2011/09/002020CTRI oversight
CTRI/2010/091/001403*India removed post-registration
CTRI/2011/09/001983CTRI oversight
CTRI/2010/091/006103*India removed post-registration
CTRI/2011/11/002126CTRI oversight
CTRI/2011/08/001973CTRI oversight
CTRI/2012/04/002555Terminated trial in India
CTRI/2012/10/003082CTRI oversight
CTRI/2014/01/004298*India removed post-registration
CTRI/2015/03/005617CTRI oversight
CTRI/2016/05/006952*India removed post-registration
CTRI/2017/08/009558CTRI oversight
CTRI/2010/091/001049Terminated trial in India
CTRI/2015/12/006458True foreign trial
CTRI/2017/06/008736True foreign trial
  1. * Information available in the public domain under “modifications” link in relevant field