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Table 15 Self-reported behaviour: assessment of the basis of treatment claims

From: Effects of the Informed Health Choices primary school intervention on the ability of children in Uganda to assess the reliability of claims about treatment effects, 1-year follow-up: a cluster-randomised trial

For the last treatment claim that you heard, did you think about what that treatment claim that you heard was based on?
 Control schools
N = 2844
Intervention schools
N = 3943
Missing50 (1.8%)57 (1.4%)
No512 (18.0%)845 (21.4%)
Yes1387 (48.8%)2116 (53.7%)
I don’t remember895 (31.5%)925 (23.5%)
Odds ratio (yes versus other)1.18
(95% CI, 0.95–1.47)
P = 0.130
Adjusted differencea4.1%
(95% CI, −1.2% to 9.6%)
  1. aThe difference is an adjusted difference, based on a mixed model with a random effects term for the clusters and the stratification variables modelled as fixed effects, using logistic regression. The odds ratio from the logistic regression has been converted to a difference using the intervention schools as the reference and the inverse of the odds ratios shown here