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Table 3 Operationalization of variables

From: Effect and associated factors of a clinical pharmacy model in the incidence of medication errors (EACPharModel) in the Hospital Pablo Tobón Uribe: study protocol for a stepped wedge randomized controlled trial (NCT03338725)

VariableOperational definitionNatureUnit of measurement (Categorization)
SexBiological condition at birthNominal qualitative1. Man
2. Woman
AgeAge in yearsQuantitativeAge in years
Social security systemMembership social security systemNominal qualitative1. Contributory
2. Subsidized
ScholarshipSchoolingQualitative ordinal1. No studies
2. Primary
3. High School
4. College undergraduate
5. University postgraduate degree
WeightPatient weightQuantitativeWeight in Kg
HeightPatient heightQuantitativeHeight in cm
AllergiesAllergic antecedentsNominal qualitative1. Yes
2. No
To have caregiverFamily or friend who accompanies during hospitalizationNominal qualitative1. Yes
2. No
Diagnosis of admissionAdmission diagnosisNominal qualitative
Hospitalization 6 months beforeHospitalization 6 months beforeNominal qualitative1. Yes
2. No
Number of services receivedSpecialties that are treating the patientQuantitativeCount
Previous stay in intensive care unitPrevious stay in intensive care unitNominal qualitative1. Yes
2. No
Adverse drug reactionAdverse drug reactionNominal qualitative1. Yes
2. No
Colonized patientPatient isolated unit because a multi-resistant bacterium colonizes himNominal qualitative1. Yes
2. No
Hospital stay lengthHospitalization daysQuantitativeCount
Number of medicationsNumber of drugs prescribedQuantitativeCount