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Table 1 Demographic information of participants

From: The effectiveness of an interactive organ donation education intervention for Dutch lower-educated students: a cluster randomized controlled trial

 Control condition
(N = 553)
Experimental condition
(N = 617)
(N = 1170)
Sex (male)29.5%33.8%31.6%
Age18.04 ± 2.0618.05 ± 1.9918.05 ± 2.02
 Younger than 18 years47.1%48.9%48.1%
 18 years24.9%21.9%23.3%
 Older than 18 years28.0%29.2%28.6%
Study discipline
 Health and Well-Being50.8%39.5%44.9%
 Social Services7.1%7.6%7.4%
Educational level
 Level 215.2%10.7%12.8%
 Level 320.8%18.3%19.5%
 Level 464.0%71.0%67.7%
 Not religious59.0%64.6%62.0%
 Dutch Reformed2.9%3.3%3.1%
Migration background (western)79.7%83.4%81.6%
Registration status
 Not registered73.3%70.6%71.9%
 Don’t know7.8%5.5%6.6%
Registration choice
 Restricted donor24.3%31.5%28.5%
 No donor40.8%26.0%32.1%
 Next of kin1.0%7.5%4.8%
 Specific person1.0%2.1%1.6%
 Don’t know1.9%4.8%3.6%
Intention to register
 Don’t know41.7%34.8%38.2%
Intention to become a donor
 Restricted donor33.3%43.6%39.3%
 No donor12.1%21.2%17.3%
 Next of kin5.2%2.5%3.6%
 Specific person1.7%0.0%0.7%
 Don’t know15.5%9.5%12.0%
  1. Data presented as mean ± standard deviation (SD) for continuous variables and percentages for categorical variables