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Table 3 Career options and academic titles in clinical research

From: European survey on national training activities in clinical research

Country Career options and academic titles for clinical research
Career options: study nurses, coordinators, researchers, biostatistician, methodologist
Academic titles: none
France Career options: positions with academic sponsors and CTUs, but poor progression in careers, low salaries, insufficient recognition. Options: clinical research associate (CRA), project manager, data manager
Academic titles: none
General remarks: poor and not specific, no specific training for MDs, technical personnel; no recognition of clinical research know-how for hospital career
Germany Career options: employment in academic research institutions, pharmaceutical industry, authorities or CROs
Academic titles: [25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32]
MS Clinical Research & Translational Medicine, Universität Leipzig (part time)
MS Clinical Trial Management, Beuth Hochschule für Technik, Berlin (part time)
MS Pharmaceutical Medicine, Universität Duisburg-Essen (part time)
MS Medical Biometry/Biostatistics, Universitäts Heidelberg (part time)
MS Clinical Research, International University Dresden (part time)
MS Clinical Research, Centrial Tübingen, berufsbegleitend
MBA Clinical Research Management, Internationale Hochschule (study at a distance)
BSc Medical Research and Management, Medical School Berlin (full time)
Hungary All four medical schools offer various PhD training programmes in clinical research.
Our aim is that the CTUs could select well-trained staff from the students who have achieved outstanding results during participation in the HRDOP training courses. The goal is also to increase the number and the quality of human clinical trials by developing and implementing a co-constructed training curriculum, from students participating in medical training to the clinical study team
Ireland Career options: careers in clinical research in Ireland are generally funded through programmatic funding or individual study funding, rather than through core permanent funding, which limits the career pathways for those involved in clinical research. With the development of the national infrastructure, i.e. Clinical Research Facilities, respectively. centres and national thematic networks, more secure roles and career paths have developed but the majority of this infrastructure is also funded through programmatic funding (generally 3-year terms) rather than core permanent funding, which is problematic in terms of career paths. Career options correspond to those offered in Spain and there are further options in CRO’s, pharma and medical device companies
Academic titles: see [18,19,20,21,22].
Italy Career options at CROs, private companies, hospital/academic clinical trial centres, no academic titles in clinical research
Norway No specific career options but, based on acquired competence, positions in research departments/CTUs are available. In some hospitals part-time functions as research leaders are available at the department level
Academic titles: none
Portugal Career options: study nurse/study coordinator, clinical research assistant/CRA, project manager, auditor/quality manager, data manager, bio-statistician, clinical investigator
Academic titles:
PhD in Clinical Research and Health services (Faculdade de Medicina, Univ. Porto)
PhD in Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology (Faculdade de Medicina, Univ. Porto)
PhD in Medicine (six Universities in Portugal)
Medical competency in “Pharmaceutical Medicine” (Portuguese Medical Association)
Medical specialist in “Clinical Pharmacology” (Ministry of health)
MSc (Master of Science) in:
• Clinical Research Management (Nova Medical School, Univ. Nova Lisboa)
• Medicines and Health Products: Regulatory and Evaluation (Faculdade de Farmácia, Univ. Lisboa)
• Applied Pharmacology (Faculdade de Farmácia, Univ Coimbra)
• Epidemiology (Faculdade de Medicina, Univ. Lisboa)
• Biostatistics and Bioinformatics applied to health (Escola Superior de Tecnologias da Saúde, Porto)
Slovakia* Career options: clinical study coordinator in hospitals
Academic titles: none
Spain Career options: study nurse, clinical investigator, study coordinator, data entry, CT pharmacist, CTA, CRA, project manager, clinical trial manager, data manager, bio-statistician, pharmacovigilance, methodologist, quality management
Academic titles: Biostatistics (University), Clinical Pharmacology—medical specialty (Health Ministry), different private or university specific courses on monitoring and/or project management
(see also [23])
Career options: study nurse/study coordinator, clinical research assistant/CRA, project manager, auditor/quality manager, data manager, bio-statistician, clinical investigator
Academic titles:
PhD in clinical research
Federal physician specialist title “Pharmaceutical Medicine”
MAS (Master of advanced studies):
• MAS in Drug Discovery and Clinical Development
• Master in Medicines Development
DAS (Diploma of Advanced Studies):
• Diploma in Pharmaceutical Medicine [33]
• DAS Clinical Trial Practice and Management
• DAS (Diploma of advanced studies) Clinical Research
• DAS (Diploma of advanced studies) Management of Clinical Trials
CAS (Certificate of Advanced Studies):
• CAS Clinical Research I–Clinical Trial Planning and Conduct
• CAS Clinical Research II (Advanced Clinical Trial Management)
• CAS Clinical Research Coordinator
• CAS patient oriented Clinical Research
• CAS in Clinical Data Management
• CAS in Clinical Monitoring
• CAS in Clinical Trial Management
  1. *Observer